Das Team ist erreichbar unter [email protected] und freut sich über Fragen, Hinweise, Kritik und Support. Für themenspezifische Fragen schickt gerne an die zuständige Person eine Mail.

Wir freuen uns auch sehr über Unterstützung, denn wir organisieren das Festival in unserer Freizeit. Du möchtest fester Teil des Teams werden oder deine Skills (z.B. Grafik-Design, Veranstaltungstechnik, Fotografie, PR-Texting) zur Verfügung stellen? Super! Sende eine Mail mit Betreff: Support Orga.

You can reach the team via Mail [email protected] We’re always glad to answer your questions and to learn about any suggestions, ideas or critique you might have! If you have a question/concern related to a specific topic, please write an e-mail to the person in charge.

Also, we are happy about any help that we can get given that we organise the festival in our leisure time.You’d like to be part of the team? Or you’d like to offer particular skills of yours (e.g. graphic design, event tech, photography/documentation, PR)? Great. Send an e-mail with subject: Support Organisation.

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Projektkoordination / project coordinator:
Carolin Zieringer | [email protected]

Produktionsleitung / productions:
Carmen Salinas und Lisa Gehring | [email protected]

Speaker:innen-Betreuung / contact for speakers:
Magdalene Hengst | [email protected]
Lisa Wagner | [email protected]

Künstler:innen-Betreuung / contact for artists:
Judith Hesselmann | [email protected]
Helene Röhnsch | [email protected]
Teresa Bernauer | [email protected]

Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit / press and public relations:
Carolin Zieringer | [email protected]
Lisa Wagner | [email protected]

Kinderbetreuung, Security und Awareness-Konzept / child care, security and awareness concepts:
Sophi Lewis | [email protected]
Rahel Barra | [email protected]

Kooperationen&Veranstaltungsort / cooperations and fesival site:
Teresa Bernauer | [email protected]

For enquiries in Spanish, French or Portuguese you can write an e-mail to:
Español: [email protected]
Français: [email protected]
Português: [email protected]

Please let us know if you’d prefer communicating in any other language and we’ll try to make it happen.